Satnav Hire

  • Simple to use - temporarily fix the GPS system to your windscreen or dashboard, plug it into the cigarette lighter and switch on, type the address you want to go to, follow the 2D or 3D map and voice instructions with touch screen controls.

  • Stress and hassle free driving around the UK and Ireland.

  • Gets you to your destination quickly and safely - incorporates multi-stop journey/trip planning and back-on-track re-routing should you miss a turn or take a detour.              Just £5.00 per day - £20.00 per week (for longer rentals please ask for a quote).

Satnav Features:

  • Touch screen

  • 3D Mapping

  • Full postcode search

  • Pre-loaded street level maps of UK and ROI

  • Safety camera alerts

  • Points of interest

  • SiRFInstantFixII™ for 5 times faster GPS fixes

What you get when you hire:

  • In-car charger

  • In-car windscreen mount

  • Instructions