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Vehicle Group corp_14 Vehicle Specification People Carriers (MPV's)
Van 3

VW_Kombi      Click here for diamensions

VW Kombi



6 Seats + Large Luggage Area ok
Rear & Side Loading Doors ok
Air con, Cruise Control, CD,Aux, Bluetooth ok




VW Caddy Maxilife 

Group 1 Day 2-5 Days (per day)

  WEEKEND Fri pm - Mon 9am

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Van 3. 62.40 51.60 109.20 258.00 462.00 693.00 816.00
7. 72.00 69.60 156.00 336.00 624.00 936.00 1,224.00
8. 86.40 82.80 192.00 420.00 799.00 1,198.80 1,500.00
Please call for longer term rates...

All hire rates INCLUDE VAT, Insurance and breakdown cover.
   1-2 day hires include 250 free miles per day. Excess miles will be charged at 10p+VAT per mile.

Please note: Although it is very difficult to guarantee specific makes & models, every effort is made to supply the vehicle requested, but in some instances an alternative vehicle maybe supplied from the same vehicle group.

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7 Seats  ok
Automatic  ok
Air Con, Satnav, Aux, USB, Bluetooth ok
Removable Seats ok


  Ford Tourneo

9 Seats ok
Air Con / Cruise Control ok
Large Luggage Space ok
6 Speed Gearbox ok
CD Radio/Aux/ USB, Bluetooth ok